Happy Birthmas to Me!! Birthday Book Tag

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Since this is my first birthday with a blog, I’m celebrating bookworm style!

I can’t believe my birthday is already here!! To kick off my first blogger born day, I wanted to celebrate with all my online book peeps! I found this tag the other day over at Thrice Read and it seemed really fun, so I’m joining in. Go check out their blog if you haven’t already, it’s filled with great stuff!

Count Your Birthday Along Your Bookshelf and Then Subtract Your Birth Month

I’m almost positive I’m not understanding this correctly, but who cares!! The book I landed on is The Magic of Oz by L. Frank Baum. It’s a collection of the Oz books 11-15 in the series that I got at Barnes and Noble for super cheap. Please tell me I’m not the only one who falls prey to that classics table they have where you can get monster classic collections for like, eight bucks??? EVERY. TIME.

If You Could Spend Your Birthday With Any Fictional Character Who Would It Be and Why

Art done by xla-hainex whom I love SO FREAKING MUCH

Ahhhhhh this is hard!!! I don’t know!! I think I’m going to have to say Ronan Lynch on this one. He’s the greatest and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. Ronan is sarcastic, witty, terrible, loving, dark, devoted, passionate—ALL THE THINGS. If I could meet a fictional character just once I would want it to be him. Plus, he could dream me up some amazing crap for my birthday. It would be a very terrifying, reckless, dangerous day, but it would be freaking fun and hilarious. #YOLO

Find A Book That Takes Place In The Season You Were Born In

Hmmmmm December… I have A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, but that feels like cheating.

Wow, more books really need to take place during winter. Most of the books I have just mention it in passing and none of them are really set during this season. BAH. HUMBUG.

The only one that’s kind of jumping out at me is Anne of Green Gables. Not set during winter time, but there’s that whole part where Anne is forbidden to see Diana because she gets her drunk (HA!) and then Diana comes begging for her help when her sister is sick. Anne has to schlep through the cold to get to Diana’s house and ends up saving her sister’s life!

Find A Book That Is The Color of Your Birthstone

Mockingjay! BOOM. Just in case you haven’t had your daily dose of feels today because THIS BOOK TORE MY INSIDES APART. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me angry. I can’t.

Pick A Book Set In A Time Period, World, or Country You Would Like To Have Been Born In

After some careful consideration, I’m decided to pick “The Infernal Devices” universe. Yes, there are demons that I probably wouldn’t be able to fight on my own and women’s rights were lacking, BUT that’s where Will Herondale is. Literally all the temptation I need. It’s all the fun of experiencing the shadowhunter universe AND an older time period. Two birds, one stone.




What winter time books would have chosen?? Tell me all the books I forgot about!!
Who’s the fictional character you’d want to party with on your birthday??
Is there a bookish universe that you’d love to have been born in???

Holler at me in the comments!!


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6 thoughts on “Happy Birthmas to Me!! Birthday Book Tag

  1. Happy Birthdaaaaay!!! I hope you got loooots Of presents!! 😊😊 I loved ur answers!! And I wouldn’t mind going to the timeline of the Infernal Devices and ehm…marrying a certain Will. Hahaha hahaha haaaa

  2. Belated happy birthday! I hope it was amazing!

    Anne of Green Gables warms my heart. ESPECIALLY that sweet contemplative picture. <3 She's mine, tho. Octobers. 😉

    I totally just hunted for a great December counter-offer but, um, yeah. Christmas books. Apparently all books happen in summer and autumn.

    Amber @ The Literary Phoenix recently posted…Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them // MYOBB #16My Profile

    1. Thank you!!! ❤️ It really was an amazing birthday!

      And I know! Anne of Green Gables is totally a fall book, but I was drawing a complete blank. I’m glad I’m not the only one that had trouble because I was standing in front of my bookcase feeling like an idiot 😂 Guess I’m doomed to a lifetime of Christmas books, which I’m not sad about honestly. Lol.


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