Oh! Why hello, I didn’t see you there…


No really, this is the internet. I’m blind on this end.

But hello and welcome to my very random blog! I don’t know how you found this site, but I’m glad someone is here to read this thing.

The Laughing Listener was born from my obsessive habit of listening to audiobooks while I’m at work. As a designer who spends all day sitting in front of a computer, I needed something to help break up my time and music just wasn’t cutting it. One day out of the blue—and completely unrelated to my little music problem—I decided to get a library card from my local library where I discovered an entire online world that I didn’t know existed. Through Overdrive.com and Hoopla I was able to connect with my library and get access to dozens of audiobooks FOR FREE.

And no, I’m definitely not being paid to say this. It’s just that awesome.

Once I started listening to audiobooks while I worked, I was a goner. It made the day fly by.

On average I can get through about two books a week (give or take), excluding weekends. Lately I have been whipping through novels like a fiend. My Goodreads profile has seen more action in the past month than it has in years, and a few weeks ago I started writing reviews. Why not? If I’m listening to them anyway, I might as well warn others when they suck. And since I’m already writing my unwanted opinion, I decided to stick all my reviews in one place to share with the rest of the internet—the very birthplace of unwanted opinions, am I right?

So here we are. A blog full of the most random reviews and rants around. YOU’RE WELCOME.


Browse through my book reviews and you’ll quickly notice that I follow the same format ever time. In each one I give my own summary of the book (WARNING: snarkiness levels will vary depending how much I enjoyed the story), what I liked about it, what I didn’t, and my final recommendation. It’s important to note that even when I give spoiler warnings at the beginning of reviews, I never reveal the ending. That feels like such a bitch move.

And after about a dozen audiobooks, it was easy for me to see that the performance and actual story needed to be judged separately. If one of those aspects is truly good or bad, it can make or break the whole thing. Now whenever I review an audiobook there are three separate ratings; performance, story, and overall.

My ratings are out of five stars, so generally, here’s what that means:

  • ★★★★★ – This was good and you should DEFINITELY look into it. I will probably be re-reading this book an embarrassing amount.
  • ★★★★ – I REALLY like this. It might not be groundbreaking, but give it a whirl.
  • ★★★ – This was pretty good. If you’re looking for something new, it’d be a good way to kill time.
  • ★★ – Not the worst thing I’ve ever read, but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.
  • ★ – TERRIBLE. DON’T DO IT. SAVE YOURSELF. My guilty conscience never lets me give one star reviews, so this is truly awful.


And just to let you know, I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. I’m also a Book Depository affiliate. That just means I get a small commission when you click on any of my Amazon or Book Depository links (mostly on my review posts) and buy something. Girl’s gotta make a living! But please don’t worry, I won’t let this sway my reviews at all and I promise to always be completely honest!