Ignite is More Cliché Gold


(Defy, Book Two)
By Sara B. Larson

Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Rebecca Mozo
Length: 9 hours & 20 minutes
Genres: Fiction, Young-adult, Romance, Adventure, Fantasy
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Story Rating: 3 Stars
Performance Rating: 5 Stars
Overall Rating: 4 Stars

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SNOW DAY!!!! It’s snowing in Georgia guys!! The entire Southeastern coast is FREAKING OUT. As a result, I got a day off work and I have the most beautiful view happening outside my office window! I’m trying to use this extra day productively, you know, in between watching my dog run around in it like a nut.


In the meantime, let’s talk about Ignite!! This is the second book in the “Defy” trilogy, the sequel to the cliche-heavy novel that I found so entertaining a few weeks ago. And this definitely didn’t disappoint.


After a bloody battle and the sacrifice of many lives, it’s finally done. With help from Alexa and his men, Prince Damian has defeated his father and become King. Now they can all take time to rebuild the city of Antion and deal with the loss of their friends—or so they thought. Right when it looks like things are FINALLY settling down, some visitors arrive at the palace unexpectedly from the neighboring kingdom of Dansii. It’s just a beautiful woman named Vera—immediately capturing everyone’s attention—bringing a message of peace, but Alexa doesn’t have a good feeling…

Suspiciously at the same time, a group of Blevonese soldiers attack the castle looking a little too dead-eyed and zombie-like. What’s even stranger is that the men seem to “wake up” the moment Alexa and her comrades kill them. Why would Blevon go to such trouble helping Damian defeat his evil father if they were just going to attack? Who is this strange, beautiful woman who’s captivating all the men??

Alexa is determined to get answers, but she’s in for a wild ride.


Oh my god, I thought the first one was entertaining, but this one took it a step further and I ended up liking this sequel more than the first. When Vera the beautiful, evil, she-demon comes along, Alexa isn’t fooled for a minute, but all the men start drooling on the spot. In the end, it takes a woman to save all the men who couldn’t keep it in their pants and I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed this storyline. Watching all the guys looks like morons and get saved by a kick-ass woman was awesome.

I also really enjoyed Rafe’s character because he was just so wonderfully evil. His power is legit terrifying and I genuinely have no idea how he’ll be defeated. He was such a creeper, I loved it!

And of course, the romantic tension between Damian and Alexa is top-notch in this book. Watching their relationship evolve was great fun. I love that Rylan still pretends like he has a chance because like, did he ever?? HA! Poor Rylan.


Just like it’s predecessor, this book is incredibly predictable. It didn’t bother me this time because I had so much fun following the plot, but I don’t think I care enough about the third book to read it. In general, I already know what’s going to happen and how this saga will end, so what’s the point? I bought a package of the ebooks a couple weeks ago and I might just skim the third one Endure to see what happens, but I just don’t have it in me to go all in.


If you read Defy and enjoyed it, then definitely read this one too! I liked Ignite more than the first novel and highly recommend it to anyone looking for some good entertainment.



Have you read any of these books before?? What did you think?!
Am I the only one that gets enjoys some good angsty drama?? 😂
What books are you starting your 2018 with?

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