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Over at Bibliophile By the Sea and The Purple Booker, you can find First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday and Teaser Tuesday where everyone shares the first paragraph of the book they’re reading (or about to). In an effort to participate with my mostly audiobook blog, I’m sharing samples of audiobooks I’ll be listening to.

They give you the first five minutes, which usually turns out to be a REALLY long intro with very dramatic background music followed by a lot more than just one paragraph. Feel free to fast forward or cut it short. No worries, I get it—ain’t nobody got time for that.

Next week I’ll be listening to…


THIS FINALLY CAME THROUGH ON MY OVERDRIVE ACCOUNT!!! I’ve had this audiobook on hold FOR CENTURIES and it’s finally here!! I’m so flipping excited! As a huge fan of The Night Circus, I’m really curious how this young-adult counterpart will be.

The sample starts with some fun, whimsical music that seems very fitting for theme. Our narrator is writing a letter, one that is obviously very important to her. She’s pleading with someone (presumably the leaders of the Caraval players) to come for her sister’s birthday. As she signs the letter at the end, we find out her name is Scarlett before immediately being thrust into a second letter that’s being written a year later. It’s obvious through these letters how important these Caraval players are to the sisters and how much they dream of seeing them.

In another letter Scarlett gives her condolences, saying she knows the Caraval master isn’t a murderer. Interesting… Fast forward a few years and Scarlett writes again after hearing the Caraval players have started performing again, because being accused of murder apparently demands some time off. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the sisters have a very strict home life, not being allowed to leave ever. In Scarlett’s final letter, she pleads one final time for them to visit her town since she’s about to be married—something she doesn’t sound too excited about. This is where I thought the sample would end until…

The Caraval master finally writes back!!!


He congratulates her on her upcoming nuptials saying that his players aren’t travelling at the moment. Their next performance is by invitation only, and then IT JUST CUTS OFF!!! WHAT?? UGHHH!! NOT COOL!! Now I REALLY can’t wait to hear more!



Have you read this book? What did you think??
Any other fans of The Night Circus out there? I loved that book!!
What is everyone else reading right now?

Holler at me in the comments!!

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