Sneak Peeks: Red Queen

Time to dive into a sample of Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

Over at Bibliophile By the Sea and The Purple Booker, you can find First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday and Teaser Tuesday where everyone shares the first paragraph of the book they’re reading (or about to). In an effort to participate with my mostly audiobook blog, I’m sharing samples of audiobooks I’ll be listening to.

They give you the first five-ish minutes, which usually turns out to be a REALLY long intro with very dramatic background music followed by a lot more than just one paragraph. Feel free to fast forward or cut it short. No worries, I get it–ain’t nobody got time for that.

Next week I’ll be listening to…

Red Queen

That’s right. I’m finally plunging into the Victoria Aveyard series everyone has been talking about (or WAS talking about when it first came out). I know I’m late to the party on this one. Everyone looking at this post has probably read it already, but I’m forging ahead anyway! I actually know next to nothing about this book going into it, but there’s been so much hype that I’m curious. All I know is that it’s a young-adult fantasy with a bloody crown on the cover and honestly, that’s all I need.

The sample opens on something called “first Friday” and by the stinky, sweaty description, I’m already not a fan. It sounds hot and miserable and as someone who has to deal with humid Georgia summers every year, I’m having some painful flashbacks. I JUST MADE IT TO FALL, DON’T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME!! *Sobs*

Our narrator has some sticky hands, stealthily swiping some “trinkets” and I’m loving the casual way this mentioned. As if being an awesome pick-pocket is just a part of everyday life, which apparently, it is.


We soon learn that our narrator is eighteen and dreading the end of school and something called “conscription,” which sounds like the draft. There’s an ugly war happening against people called “lakelanders” and you can bet I’m already freaking intrigued. I can’t wait to hear more of this book!



Have you read Red Queen yet? What did you think?
Haven’t read it yet like me?
What did you think of the audiobook snippet? Sound intriguing?
What is everyone else reading right now??

Holler at me in the comments!!


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12 thoughts on “Sneak Peeks: Red Queen

    1. Thank you! I just couldn’t help myself–can’t hear about a pick-pocket without thinking of Aladdin. I’m so glad the book was good, I can’t wait to get started!

    1. Yeah I know what you mean. I’m intrigued by the blurb I read about it, but I’ve heard some mixed things. I’m curious to see how it goes. The collector’s edition really is pretty though!! I saw it at Target the other day and swooned a little. Haha

      And that drives me nuts! When you’re not crazy about a book but want to buy it anyway for the cover?? THE STRUGGLE! 😂

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