Sneak Peeks: The Diviners

This coming week I’ll be crossing the first book off my reading challenge list with The Diviners by Libba Bray!

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Over at I’d Rather Be at the Beach and The Purple Booker, you can find First Chapter First Paragraph Tuesday and Teaser Tuesday where everyone shares the first paragraph of the book they’re reading (or about to). In an effort to participate with my mostly audiobook blog, I’m sharing samples of audiobooks I’ll be listening to.

They give you the first five-ish minutes, which usually turns out to be a long intro with very dramatic background music followed by a lot more than just one paragraph. Feel free to fast forward or cut it short. No worries, I get it—ain’t nobody got time for that! This one is has an introduction by the author that I thought was kind of neat.

This week I’ll be listening to…

The Diviners by Libba Bray

When I was poking around my wish list on Overdrive the other day I noticed that this book was somehow magically available and I immediately snatched it up! It will be the first book I can cross off my monster reading list, so I’m extra excited about it. I enjoyed the first Gemma Doyle book by Bray and this has been recommended to me so many times that I’m really hopeful. *Crosses fingers*

Already I’m loving the atmosphere and setting of the roaring 20’s with all the talk of parties and speakeasies. It’s all very Great Gatsby, which I’m not going to complain about AT ALL.

The narrator is doing some hilarious voices for the characters that made me laugh, although I’m not sure I’m suppose to be laughing… And I admit I had to stop myself from giggling too loud in my cubicle when I heard “he had a habit of inviting girls into his rumble seat for a petting party.” Hahahahaha oh wow. Okay then! Well, I’m apprehensive after this sample, but definitely curious!



Have you read or heard of this book at all? What did you think??
Would you keep reading??
What other books is everyone reading right now?

Holler at me in the comments!!


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2 thoughts on “Sneak Peeks: The Diviners

    1. Me too!! 😃 I just started it and I’m not very far, but it’s good! I really liked A Great and Terrible Beauty, so definitely check her out!

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