Ten Years of City of Bones: Locations

It’s December fellow book nerds! Time to cozy up by the fire and read all about my favorite shadowhunter universe locations and settings!

This is a special tenth anniversary blog meme created by the lovely Jessica over at Booked J. If you’d like to join the fun, learn more, and check out her answers click HERE!

It’s week eight in the anniversary celebration, which means this is almost over!! Ahhhh I don’t want it to end! I want to flail over this series for FOREVER!!! How long can I drone on about this before you all get annoyed and ditch me????

Like last week, I was planning to go more in depth with each location, but I had to work all weekend and now the enthusiasm is gone. Instead, you’re getting the highlights—my favorite setting, least favorite setting, and where I would hang out should this all ever become real. *Crosses fingers*

Shadowhunter Locations


Favorite: Alicante

As much as I wanted to choose the New York Institute or Magnus’s apartment, I had to go with Alicante because I think it’s the COOLEST. I love the idea that there’s just an entire country that’s completely hidden to the world. It’s like Narnia, but you don’t need a wardrobe to get there! It’s true that teen Loretta was very skeptical about this idea at first. I mean, an entire COUNTRY that the whole world just hasn’t noticed?? Really??? How do the residents even get their mail? Do they just never order anything online?? THE HORROR.

But after reading the rest of the series and falling in love with this universe, I’m kind of obsessed with the idea. Having an entire piece of land that Shadowhunters and the supernatural can call their own is really awesome and I’m curious how Cassie Clare came up with the idea. Not to mention, the descriptions of it sound beautiful. My brain pictures it a lot like a fantastic, exotic version of Scotland (not that I’ve ever been there…) and I’m dying for it to be a real place I can vacation.

There’s no photo for this, so here. Have this photo of Valentine.

Least Favorite: Valentine & Sebastian’s Creepy Floating Apartment

I hated this. Hated it hated it hated it. If you’ve been following these posts at all, it’s no secret that I’m not a fan of Sebastian’s entire storyline and Valentine’s apartment is a big part of that. When Clary lived there with the emo, goth version of Jace, I was on high alert and completely stressed out. It was in another dimension and untraceable? There was a whole closet filled with clothes meant for her mother?? SEBASTIAN LIVED THERE??? NOPE. Nope nope nope nope nope. Hard pass from this girl. SO. FREAKING. CREEPY. I was so relieved when that entire thing was over.

My Hang Out: Taki’s Diner

This really goes back to my ten year post from week six where I discuss what kind of creature I would be in the shadowhunter-verse. The Hotel Dumort, Jade Wolf, and Institute are out because I would never be a vampire, werewolf, or shadowhunter (much to my dismay). I was reeeeeaaaaaaaally tempted to say Pandemonium because that place sounds AWESOME, but I’m getting to the age where perpetually going out partying takes too much will power.

The diner, on the other hand, is more my speed and I can definitely see myself hanging out there for long periods of time. I would take a book, some sketching pads, and my laptop and stay for hours while drinking gallons of coffee and watching random supernatural creatures live their weird lives. I love that Taki’s Diner is casually the weirdest place ever. There NEEDS to be a themed diner I can go to with a crazy menu like theirs. SOMEONE MAKE IT REAL.

Ranking of Locations

  1. Alicante
  2. Magnus’ Apartment—A.K.A The glittery home of Chairman Meow
  3. New York Institute
  4. Pandemonium Club
  5. Taki’s Diner
  6. London Institute (The Infernal Devices)
  7. Blackfriars Bridge (The Infernal Devices)
    *Sobs uncontrollably*
  8. New York Silent City
  9. Luke’s Farm House
    Can this PLEASE be an Airbnb option?? I need a vacation.
  10. Jade Wolf
  11. Hotel Dumort




What do you think of my settings ranking?
Where would you hang out in the shadowhunter universe?
What are some of your favorite and least favorite settings?

Holler at me in the comments!!


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