Ten Years of City of Bones: Relationships

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Week four already?? That means it’s time to break down our favorite City of Bones relationships!!

This is a special tenth anniversary blog meme created by the lovely Jessica over at Booked J. If you’d like to join the fun, learn more, and check out her answers click HERE!

Week four’s prompt is all about our favorite ships and I am SO EXCITED to get into this!! The angsty, drama-filled relationships are part of what makes us stick around right? And there are so many good ones in the shadowhunter universe! In this weeks edition, I’m ranking my favorites in love, family, and friendship.


1. Magnus + Alec = MALEC FOR LYFE!!!

Ummmmm duh. Hello, could any other relationship be number one?? And yes, I just went full fangirl on you and spelled life with a y. Magnus and Alec are THE BEST and definitely the couple I shipped the most in this series. I’ve never been a huge Alec fan when he’s on his own, but Magnus is so amazing and awesome that it spills over to both of them. Magnus is smart, stylish, hilarious, and confident—I could go on and on—and I love that he helps Alec discover who he is in a positive way. With his help Alec learns that being true to yourself is what’s important and I love that. They’re the cutest!! Pretty sure I started shipping them the MOMENT Magnus asks about Alec at that party.



2. The Will, Tessa, & Jem Trifecta. Herongraystairs!

If I included all the relationships I loved from The Infernal Devices, this post would be an eternity long, but I love these three so much that I just couldn’t leave them out. Plus, their relationship is so unusual and unique, it deserved a place in this post.

This is the ONLY love triangle I’ve ever read that had me shipping all three characters with the others at different points in the story. First I hardcore shipped Will and Tessa, but watching the deep bond between Will and Jem had me shipping them together too, and then Jem had to go fall in love with Tessa and I shipped THEM together. It was all very confusing and on paper it sounds like it should have been an awful reading experience, but Cassandra Clare put me under a spell. I fell so hard for these characters, I didn’t even mind who ended up with who.


3. Clary & Simon

I’ve always really loved the friendship Clary and Simon have and if I’m being honest, it made me a little jealous. Most of my friends are girls and I’ve never really had a close, strictly-friends relationship with a guy before. Besides Simon being in love with Clary in the beginning and dating very briefly, they manage to be best friends without extra feelings making it weird. Heck, even when they did have weird feelings for each other (at least in Simon’s case) they never let it get in the way of their friendship. Any anger, resentment, love, confusion—it all got put aside when the other needed help and they are always there for one another. I just love that!


4. Clary & Jace. CLACE!!

But of course. Their relationship is pretty much the driving force behind this entire series, so OBVIOUSLY they made the list. Clary and Jace didn’t make the top because if I’m being honest, there’s nothing really remarkable about them. Innocent girl meets really hot boy, she finds out there’s an entire world she didn’t know about, boy shows her everything she needs to know, feelings ensue. OBVIOUSLY there’s more to the story than that, or I wouldn’t be here writing all these themed posts and obsessing about this book, but still. Clary and Jace are just two confused teens who find solace in one another. Plus, the whole almost being siblings thing was sooooo #awkward. I think we all knew them being related was crap from the beginning, but it was still so weird there for a couple of books.

I will say that I’ve always loved the banter between these two and I’m always laughing at their jokes and references. Jace can be a lot to handle and I love that Clary isn’t afraid to dish it right back. When things are good, Jace isn’t being angsty Jace, and they’re being adorable, they are FREAKING ADORABLE. I started shipping these two during Clary’s first trip to the institute when they’re riding in the elevator and she slaps him for putting a healing rune on her without knowing she’d survive. THE SEXUAL TENSION YOU GUYS. OMG.


5. Simon & Isabelle. Sizzy <3

When they first start dating Simon is a complete moron because he dates Maia and Isabelle at the same time. NOT COOL. Both Maia and Isabelle are amazing, THEY DON’T DESERVE TO BE TWO-TIMED LIKE THAT SIMON! But once Maia is out of the picture doing her own thing and Simon gains Isabelle’s trust again, I really loved their relationship.

Although it’s not talked about in great depth, I’ve always gotten the vibe that Isabelle hasn’t had the best experience with relationships, which is crazy because she’s AMAZING. When nice, funny, dependable, loyal, nerdy Simon comes along and proves himself to be someone she can lean on, IT MADE ME MELT. When Simon is dating both girls at the same time, I definitely had some vague waves of Simon/Isabelle ship-ness (that’s officially a word. I’m declaring it here). I’ve always loved him with Isabelle more than Maia. It wasn’t until Max dies in City of Glass, though, that I really started shipping them together. Poor Isabelle is lost, sad, and pissed off and Simon is there for her and I LOVED IT. UGH.


6. The Lightwood Siblings (& Jace too)

From the very beginning when Clary first steps foot in the institute, it’s obvious that these kids haven’t had a lot of adult support in their lives. These poor teens are running around saving the city ALONE until the Lightwood parents come casually strolling in being all judgy and unsupportive. Look, I get that running the institute means traveling a lot, but man, they are TERRIBLE parents. I’ve never been a fan.

Isabelle, Alec, Jace and even Max have learned not lean on their parents, but lean on each other in times of crisis and their resulting relationship gives me all the warm fuzzies. It’s awesome seeing the unconditional love and support they give to their siblings—it makes my heart hurt. When Jace admits he knew about Alec’s feelings the whole time and says he loves Alec no matter what?? OMG, I’M NOT CRYING YOU ARE.


7. Jace & Alec

And speaking of Jace and Alec… This parabatai bond is the tops and I LOVE THEM! They are always looking out for one another and have the other’s back. Even when Alec’s feelings make things complicated, or they’re fighting, they don’t let that get in the way of being brothers. And I mean, can you blame the guy for falling in love with Jace? Because honestly Alec, same.



8. Clary & Jocelyn

I’ve always loved the bond and unconditional love Clary and her mother share. As someone who also has a close relationship with their mother, I’ve always been able to relate. I’d probably battle demons and fight Valentine to get my mother back too and I know she’d do the same for me. Even after her mother lies about HER WHOLE LIFE, Clary does anything and everything to get her back safely. Despite my conflicting feelings about Jocelyn, I have to respect that kind of deep, familial love.



9. Luke & Jocelyn. Juke? Locelyn??

I can’t lie, this only made the list because I love Luke so much. He’s just THE FREAKING BEST. I have my doubts on whether Jocelyn deserves Luke after stringing him along FOR YEARS AND YEARS, but he loves her and I want Luke to be happy. From the moment Clary figures out Luke’s feelings for Jocelyn, I’ve always kind of shipped them. But after learning about their insane past in City of Glass, I wanted them together and loved watching them get married.


*Honorable Mention*

10. Simon & Jace. Jimon????

I know this is random okay, BUT HEAR ME OUT.

There’s a lot of animosity between these two from the very beginning for obvious Clary reasons, but sometimes it just seemed like… too much animosity? There was just something about their relationship that made me ship them from time to time. Generally it would be a fleeting thought in my brain before Sizzy or Clace would distract me, but then CITY OF ASHES HAPPENED. When Simon needs blood and Jace lets him drink some of his, OH MAN DID I FEEL SOME THINGS. That whole scene completely caught me off guard and gave me some strong Jimon vibes. They never really talk about that incident again, but it will forever live on in my fangirlish heart.




What do you think of my picks? Like them? Hate them?
What are your favorite shadowhunter universe relationships??

Holler at me in the comments!!


2 thoughts on “Ten Years of City of Bones: Relationships

  1. OMG I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS NOW THANK YOU FOR THIS POST. 😍😍😍 All the relationships in Cassandra Clare books are AMAZING. They’re just so freaking ahhh!! SO SO GOOD!! And I absolutely adore like the friendships too. The romances are A+ but also the friendships!? I also love Simon and Jace hhaha, they fight but they’re good souls. (And Malec is like THE ship of them all. They’re too cute.)

    1. Ahhhhhhh YES!! I’m so glad you agree and liked the post!!! This series is just FILLED with so many great ships AND friendships. I love it!! It makes my heart happy 😄❤️

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