Top Ten Tuesday: Missing the Book Bus


Top ten books I meant to read in 2017

Well friends, it’s 2018. That means it’s time for us book bloggers to ban together in our guilt for all the books we didn’t read in the previous year. Since I just started this blog in July I feel extra behind, but I’m starting to realize I’m not alone in that feeling. Phew! So behold!! My guilt list of 2017!


1. Moxie

By Jennifer Mathieu

This past year has been the year of female empowerment (#TimeIsUp – Who else weeped listening to Oprah’s acceptance speech???? 😭) and this book helped play a part in that. I haven’t read it myself, but I’ve heard so many amazing things from fellow bloggers that I’m DYING to get my hands on it!


2. The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice & Virtue

By Mackenzi Lee

I wanted to read this book to begin with because the story sounded amazing, AND THEN everyone freaked out about how good it was. Now I’m feeling some hardcore #fomo. I have this bookmarked in my Hoopla account, so it’s gonna be happening soon dammit!


3. A Darker Shade of Magic

By V.E. Schwab

Somehow I didn’t know this series existed until I became a blogger and now that I know about it, I MUST READ IT!! From skimming over the description, it sounds like everything I love in one book, so like, what’s wrong with me?????? Also bookmarked in my Hoopla account. MWAHAHAHA!!


4. The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line

By Rob Thomas

Fun Fact! I FREAKING LOVE VERONICA MARS!! Best. Show. Ever. When I heard there were books based in the same universe, I flipped a nut! I’ve been wanting to read this one for a while and just haven’t gotten around to it, which makes no sense because I NEED MY LOGAN/VERONICA FIX!!


5. The Losers Omnibus, Vol. 1

By Andy Diggle

One of my best friends is a lover of the Losers comics and she’s been harassing me to read them for ages. I’m a total lover of the movie (please do yourself a favor and watch it if you haven’t. Chris Evans singing “Don’t Stop Believin” pretty much made my life.) and I know I would love the comics too.


6. The Diviners

By Libba Bray

This book has been recommended to me so many times that I’ve lost count and the story sounds soooo interesting! I keep telling myself that I’ll start after I’ve finished the Gemma Doyle series, but that hasn’t happened yet. I gotta get a move on!!


7. Lady Midnight

By Cassandra Clare

I KNOW, WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME GUYS?!?! I’m soooo terrified of this book. Not only is it’s large size intimidating, but I just know that once I start I won’t be able to think of anything else until I finish it. It will eat me alive and consume my brain until it’s over and I get through Lord of Shadows. AND THEN I’ll have to wait FOREVER for Queen of Air and Darkness!!! UGH.


8. His Dark Materials Series

By Philip Pullman

When I learned that The Book of Dust was going to be set in the same universe, I immediately wanted to reread the original series. I read this trilogy SO LONG ago that everything is a little too fuzzy around the edges and I need to brush up before I dive into his new book!


9. A Court of Thorns and Roses

By Sarah J. Maas

WHY HAVEN’T I READ THIS BOOK YET?? I DON’T KNOW, WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?!?!?! Someday soon I will read this and get on here, yelling about how amazing it is, and you guys will just give me the hand and kick me off the internet.


10. The Foxhole Court

By Nora Sakavic

This is another series I didn’t know existed until I started blogging. And strangely, I only discovered it when I started looking for Raven Cycle fan art on Tumblr. I have no idea why fanart for The Foxhole Court started showing up in my Raven Cycle searches, but I’m intrigued enough to give it a try. I’ll just pretend that the cover doesn’t make my eyes bleed.




Have you read any of these? What did you think??
Are you feeling guilty about all the books you haven’t read? How’s the TBR looking??
Have you seen The Losers movie???

Holler at me in the comments!!


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16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Missing the Book Bus

    1. Oh yay!!! I’m glad it’s good!! 🙌 I’ve had so many people recommend it and it’s been sitting neglected on my shelf for ages, I have to bump it up!

    1. Yessssss!!! VERONICA AND LOGAN FOR LIFE! ❤️ I found the dvds for super cheap at Goodwill once and my life was NEVER THE SAME. Lol. And really? I haven’t heard that about Moxie yet, but I’ll have to read it and find out. I’ll be so sad if that’s true! It’s such a bummer when a good book isn’t diverse, it always feels like such missed opportunity.

  1. I’d been hoping to read His Dark Materials for the first time before The Book of Dust came out, but I just didn’t have time. Hopefully I’ll be able to get around to it at some point this year, because being a book blogger who hasn’t read any Philip Pullman feels like blasphemy!

    1. Hahahaha I know what you mean!! I feel that way about so many books now that I blog about them, especially Leigh Bardugo. I haven’t read any of her books yet and that just feels like a CRIME!!! 😩 But I remember really loving the “His Dark Materials” series as a kid, definitely need a brush up though because all I can remember now is Nicole Kidman’s scary monkey in the movie 😂

  2. Honestly I’m so excited for your year in books, IT’S GOING TO BE GREAT!
    And SAME about A Darker Shade of Magic! I had never heard of it until I became a blogger and I’m REALLY looking forward to finally getting around to it this year!

    1. I’m excited for my year in books too!! So many good ones and not enough me!!! Lol. And right?? I don’t know how I missed A Darker Shade of Magic, but I’m so excited about it! 😆

  3. AGGTV&V is on my list too. It looks SO good. A Darker Shade Of Magic is SUCH a good book, I highly recommend it! I read it in 2017 and have the next two sitting on my Kindle waiting to be read! Also, I really want to read Philip Pullman’s series too!

    Awesome choices, feel free to check out my TTT list 🙂

    1. Thanks!! Doesn’t The Gentleman’s Guide look so good?!? Ahhh I’m excited! I have the audiobook saved in my Hoopla account and I can’t wait. And I’m sooooo happy A Darker Shade of Magic good! I’ve heard amazing things, so I don’t know how I went so long without hearing about it. It’s gonna be a good reading year!! 🙌🙌🙌

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